Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Paul Surprises Fans in video

This is one of my favorite stories from 2019.  Over in Columbus, Ohio ever December,  for the past 10 years, they have a "Beatles Marathon."    A group of musicians performs every single Beatles song in chronological order.    I personally have never been to this event, but as with all Beatle events, I am sure it is a great time of celebrating the Beatles and their music with like-minded fans. 

Last year one such fan, Amy, attended the event and thought it would be great if Paul or Ringo joined the festivities in 2019.    (Yeah right -- we ALL think that about our Beatles events...Paul and/or Ringo should be there).   Unlike you or me, Amy knew someone that knew someone and so she wrote a letter to Paul and invited him to come.    Amazingly, that letter fell into the hands of Sir Paul himself and while he did not appear in person, he made a special video clip for everyone there and he started the marathon off by beginning to sing "Love Me Do!"   

I think this is amazing because it proves that Paul knows that we have these fun Beatles events throughout the world where fans come together and celebrate the band's music.   He understands how important the songs are to us and how much fun we have when we get together. 

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