Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Never Forget

Here at MTBFR, I like to take a moment every September 11 to remember all of those lives that were lost on this date in 2001.    The tragic events changed my life as I am sure most everyone else can agree.   As Beatle fans, New York City is a place that is important to us because it is full of Beatles history.   After Liverpool and London, NYC has to be the next biggest city full of Beatles stories and memories.    But then the attack wasn't just on NYC or Washington D.C., it was on the entire country and we all felt it.

My love and thank you goes out to all of the firefighters and police officers that went inside those buildings when everyone was trying to get out.  So many brave men and women died that tragic day.  Here we see Paul visiting one of the New York fire departments in 2001.  Paul said because his dad was a volunteer fire brigade in Liverpool, he could relate to the firemen here.    At the time I thought that was a bit of a stretch, but whatever -- Paul's heart was in the right place.

Never Forget 9-11.  Peace and Love to you all.


  1. London and Liverpool were the first and second most bombed cities in England during WW II. If in fact Jim McCartney was part of the fire brigade at that time, he saw many horrific things, and probably put himself in harms way to save people and buildings on a regular basis.

  2. I remembered. Will never forget.Just finished reading 'Fall and Rise', by Mitchell Zuckoff. Highly recommended. Maria