Monday, May 13, 2019

Photo retakes

The exact date of when the "Get Back" album cover photo was taken isn't really known, but some people have pinpointed it to be taken on May 13, 1969 -- which seems as good as any to me.    Once again the Beatles were ahead of their time.   Today it is pretty common to recreate old photos.   People do it with their childhood photographs and thousands of people recreate Beatles photos every day (think about Abbey Road!)   Here the Beatles are recreating their 1963 "Please Please Me" cover in 1963.   


  1. I didn't know there were outtakes with them wearing different clothes. Excellent as always.

  2. The Beatles did something similar in the Hello Goodbye video, appearing with their collarless gray suits circa 1963.

  3. In photo # 1 John and George are wearing their 1966 tour suits