Monday, April 8, 2019

Excited about 10 seconds

Things Beatle fans get excited about that the rest of the world would never quite understand.  We have always believed that the 1966 BBC Top of the Pops Beatles performance of  Paperback Writer and Rain had been lost forever.    Sure we held out hope that it might appear someday, but we didn't hold our breath. 

10 glorious silent seconds of the performance has been discovered in Mexico and show today.  I have no clue how it was found or who had it all these years.   I just hope there is more to be discovered.  The quick clip shows mostly Paul while they are miming "Paperback Writer."     The good news is that at least there are tons and tons of photographs from the performance to look at.


  1. They will find it. I'm convinced that they have everything.
    Probably stored in Paul and Ringos basements (LOL)