Monday, April 15, 2019


This was posted on Instagram from thedailybeatles

Curt Claudio was born Cesare Curtis Claudio in Alameda, California on August 28, 1948. He was class of 1966 at Kennedy High School in Richmond, CA. His father Cesare Claudio Sr was born in Victoria, BC, Canada to newly immigrated parents from Italy, and soon moved to Seattle, WA., and eventually to San Francisco. Curt's father was a professional violinist and urged all four of his children to become professional musicians. Cesare played the cello at a very young age and went on to the Prix de Rome to study at the St. Cecilia Academy in Rome. Upon his return to the US, he earned a seat in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra where he played until he was drafted into the Army. At UC Berkeley, Cesare met fellow student, Martha Curtis, they had four sons, one of which was Cesare Curtis Claudio “Curt”. This story ends sadly with the December 22, 1981 death of Curt Claudio. While it doesn’t say how he died, I imagine he never recovered from the Vietnam war. 
As you can see from his musical family history, it’s no doubt that in his state of mind he felt a connection to Lennon’s music. In memory of Curt Claudio 1948-1981. I hope this info helped for those who were concerned about him.


  1. Unfortunately, for me he will always be associated with John's unfortunate examples of inspiration for writing songs as "...I love Yoko, or I had a good sh*t today".

  2. I remember seeing him in the Imagine movie never thought anyone had an idea who he was. I found it very touching when John asked him, "Are you hungry?" and then had him in for lunch.

  3. To me John always seemed a bit "out of sorts " in the Imagine movie.
    There seemed to be something not right about him.