Monday, October 22, 2018

Paul has gone LooneyTunes!

There is a new promotion going on.   If you buy the CD or vinyl of Egpyt Station, you have a chance to be entered in to a contest to win one of 20 lithographs of the Cavern Live signed by Paul McCartney.    If you look at the one in the middle, he signed it "James Paul McCartney," so that would be extra awesome to win.

However ---  why wasn't this offered, I don't know, before we all bought the album?    It has already been at #1.  Is this how he plans on getting it back on top?   Everyone that already bought the album will buy it a second time to have a chance to win his autograph?   

A company named "Looney Tunes" is offering this promotion --  and frankly, that is what I think about all of this -- it is looney!!    Will I give in and buy another copy and try to win??   hmmmmm?????

1 comment:

  1. $13.99 basically 'a ticket' really isn't it sara. I wish i was in the states it will cost me for cd and ship to Australia $32US or 45AUD I want to do it but.... :(