Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The end of this power couple was near

The fan that snapped these photos of Paul and Jane and got the autograph in Beatles Book Monthly had no idea that it wouldn't be too much longer until this lovely couple will call it quits forever. 

Photo from May 31, 1968


  1. Yes, I remember. I think she announced the break-up on the David Frost show if my memory serves me right.

  2. what a shame - loved Jane

  3. Hi, I took these photos. I have the negatives still too. I was at the end of Paul’s road and I saw them come towards me. They were so lovely, didn’t mind at all that I asked for their autographs and taking these pictures. They were happy as a lark. I have two other photos I took afterwards and they were arm in arm running for a cab. The best days of my life. Annette

    1. Dear Annette - do share the two others!

  4. Will do. I will try and send them .

  5. Sooooo sad :( but love the pics!!!