Sunday, April 1, 2018

Thinking of Cyn today

It isn't a secret that I have always loved Cynthia Lennon.   There is so much about her that I admire and respect.    I took her death two years ago today harder than I thought I would and I still feel sad whenever I realize that she is no longer alive.   

Over the past year, I  have purchased the photo collection (and other items) that once belonged to the president of the Cynthia Lennon fan club.    In the photographs were every snapshot ever taken from Cyn's second marriage.    Seriously --   I have so many photos from this wedding taken at every angle imaginable.    Maybe fans wanted to make sure photos were taken the second time she got married because there weren't any photos taken the first go round. 

Anyhow, I picked out what I thought were the most flattering photos of Cyn from this day to share with all of you.    She was a beautiful bride.


  1. Cyn was a lovely lady and great mom -rip

  2. Cynthia was too good for John. He was too young to appreciate her. she SHOULD have taken him to the cleaners when he divorced her. instead she allowed him to bully her into accepting 70k, likely because she still loved him. and i can't say i admire john after finding he stiffed his son in his will. these are the kinds of deeds that speak volumes about character.

    1. If you are THAT disgusted with John Lennon then WHY are you even viewing this site???

    2. yeah - think John was a mixed bag so to speak but still a talented musician

    3. People have every right to view the site. Why should the Beatles be beyond criticism whether you're a fan or not? First and foremost they were musicians. Talk about cult of the personality.