Monday, February 12, 2018

Photo meeting

I think this is a very sweet photo of George and Olivia especially when you think that they first met over the phone.     Olivia was a secretary and George would call and talk to her and from those phone conversations, George started to have feelings for Olivia, before he even met her.    Did he even know that she was gorgeous?      Olivia never claimed that she didn't know who George was.  She even admitted that she saw the Beatles in concert in Los Angeles at Dodgers Stadium.    I think they have a very sweet "how did you meet" story.   Very unusual for rock stars, that is for sure!


  1. Olivia saw the Beatles twice, actually! One of the Hollywood Bowl concerts, probably 1965 one.

  2. What an adorable couple they made! He (and she) were very fortunate to have found each other

  3. Chris O'Dell discusses in her autobiography that George asked her to get a photo of Olivia in the summer of 1974 when she visited LA after they had begun to bond over telephone calls. (As an aside I have a theory this photo was taken by Eric Idle as there is a photo of George in and himself in same location )

  4. Could this be Olivia's sister, Linda, who worked at Dark Horse?

    1. Hi no this is Olivia- the photo was posted in honour of Olivia's birthday last year on George Harrison official facebook and twitter account