Monday, January 22, 2018

Beatles '76

Photo does not go with story, but fits timeframe

This story was found in the editorial section of  the October 1976 issue of MacLen fan magazine.  Apparently in the Autumn of '76, a 16 year old held his own Beatles convention and it wasn't very good.    This is what people were writing about, but in the midst of that I found this gem of a story. 

You are so fortunate not to have gone to Beatles '76.  It was so disorganized, run by a 16 year old rude punk.  they were  to have a dancing contest but cancelled it due to no participants.   Allan Williams was there, drunk as usual!   Flea market had a few good things, but they'll be there in February.   The only good thing about this convention was the promos.

The convention was so rotten that I spent 36 hours outside the Dakota.   Saw Sean.   He looks right at you.  He was clapping, playing with his feet and laughing.   His hair is lighter now and is he big!   I didn't take any pics because I respect their wishes.   We saw him about eight times.

John and Yoko came out at 2:00 on Monday.  Does he look good!?!   We hadn't eaten or slept for 24 hours so we just sat there and said "Oh my God!"  They looked at us like "come on."  The doorman blew the whistle for a cab.  John jumped in mid-air!   Meena had an aghast look on her face, so he gave her a mocking one back.   by this time, we stood up and they were in the cab.  He waved, we did, he did, we did, they did, then we went crazy and John smiled at us as they took off 

They returned at 6:00 walking up the street.  We started to "crawl" and they both smiled.  It was sprinkling, but they took time for us.  Meeena's pen wouldn't write, so John licked it with his tongue (souvenir now).  Yoko was fascinated by a picture I had of them in April.  John looked at it and said, "What was I, drunk when you took this?"  Yoko wanted to know all about it.  She thought she was pregnant in it (she wasn't).  She was so funny.  She kept pulling on John's jacket saying, "Oh John, when was this taken?"  Like he would know, right?    When they first walked up to us, John said with so much concern, "they're still here."    In April, Yoko was the one who said that.  He just couldn't believe we'd waited in the rain for him.  Anyway, they want a copy of the picture.  I was so flattered since Yoko is a photographer/artist.  John looked at us and said, "what are you -- the new Beatle freaks?"  I've loved them since I was seven.    He said, "How old were you, 2?"  I told him since I was seven -- their jaws dropped and they both repeated, "seven!"  He things were 15 pushing 20.  He said they only  had a little time because they wanted to see Sean before bedtime.  A young boy was there and he went to shake his hand and John said, "Right on, man!"   As they were leaving, I called to John  and explained that I wouldn't be there October 9th and gave him two cards (Sean and John).  He took them, looked right in my eyes -- just like Macca -- and said "thank you."  It's not much, but for me that did it!   The nanny came out and asked if we were happy and started to laugh, saying she was glad.   She's nice after all.   She took Sean for a walk and it started to pour.  She flew across the street saying, "oh my God."   Sean is just like Daddy because he slept through the rain! 

Anyway,; John had a bit of growth of hair (a start of a beard?), tight jeans.  He looked like he lost weight and looks fantastic.  He's so nice.   So through the whole weekend, John and Yoko made mine worthwhile!

--written by Karen Blackburn (from Delaware)


  1. What a great find. There's a potential book there - - anthologizing found Beatle stories from fans and passersby where the editor strings the vignettes together as close encounters.

  2. wasn't at that convention but apparently someone did make an effort to do one besides the big buck guys