Wednesday, November 15, 2017

At the Coppa Coppa Cabana

It was brought to my attention earlier today that the photo I had posted here of a fan with John Lennon at the Coppa Cabana in 1976 was a fan edited photograph made to look like an old photograph of said fan with John.

Just a word about these photos:    I understand that it is fun to put yourself in a photo with one of the Beatles and those of you that have digital editing skills can do some amazing work to make it look like a vintage photograph.      However -- there is some danger in posting these photos to social media.    You may post the photo with a caption about how you edited yourself, but the photo can get shared over and over again until someone like myself thinks it is the real deal.   Now this is a huge compliment to you because your photo was that believable---however it scews the historical facts about the Beatles and confuses everyone.   

Please do not stop doing  your edits.   Just if you choose to share them on social media, marks them as "creative edits" or something so that the next generation of Beatle fans aren't confused. 


  1. This picture is awesome it could rival the pictures from Philadelphia 1975

    1. Ciao Richard. You know I envy you for having met John for real, and your pics of that event are between my favourites

  2. is a fake the guy his name is cristano Marcer

  3. I'm sorry for this little mess. I've done it several years ago (and reposted recently) for joke on my pages on FB and being in a folder named "It's only Photoshop but i like it" I thought it was enough without watermarks or any other writing to explain. Please, memorize my hugly face and, if you see again some work like that, remember it is probably a fake! Ciao Sarah, peace and love (for real)