Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Colored Day's Night

I love seeing photographs from a Hard Day's Night in color.   I absolutely hate the idea of colorizing the movie.     I did not like the colorization of the Washington Coliseum concert, but I would protest the colorization of A Hard Day's Night.    You don't mess with the Beatles.


  1. Just like John said... we’ve only done 2 (films!) ... one was black&white and one was colour.... ( now cue lovely completely genuine Scottish accent for the next bit!)... A Hard Days Night!!!

  2. The use of black and white was not a Beatle decision. It was all about United Artists, thinking that they were about to burst fad, rushing out a film as cheaply as possible. In fact they didn't care about the film at all. They had the soundtrack album and could not wait to get it out.

  3. While In personally agree with you... at least it would get my 7 year old kid to watch a version, LOL. She loves Help!, Yellow Submarine and even MMT, which is an odd watch for a little kid (she was into it from 3)... but she will not watch AHDN because she won't do black and white stuff