Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Colored Day's Night

I love seeing photographs from a Hard Day's Night in color.   I absolutely hate the idea of colorizing the movie.     I did not like the colorization of the Washington Coliseum concert, but I would protest the colorization of A Hard Day's Night.    You don't mess with the Beatles.


  1. Just like John said... we’ve only done 2 (films!) ... one was black&white and one was colour.... ( now cue lovely completely genuine Scottish accent for the next bit!)... A Hard Days Night!!!

  2. The use of black and white was not a Beatle decision. It was all about United Artists, thinking that they were about to burst fad, rushing out a film as cheaply as possible. In fact they didn't care about the film at all. They had the soundtrack album and could not wait to get it out.