Sunday, November 12, 2017

40 Years of Mull

Mull of Kintyre was released 40 years ago this week.    Mull of Kintyre has always been one of my favorite McCartney songs.    It was the first song I ever learned to play on the guitar.    I am not a good guitar player at all, but Mull was an easy one.   

I hate that Paul never plays this song in concert in the United States (or anywhere but Canada and Scotland, right?)    His excuse about how it wasn't a big hit over here is a lame one.     Then why does he sing "Silly Love Songs?"  That wa his biggest #1 hit in the United States.      And why does he sing other songs such as 1985 in concert when that was never a hit song in the United States.    Come on Paul --- give us some Mull!


  1. I believe that Mull of Kintyre WOULD receive a lukewarm response in The United States. He did Temporary Secretary last year and the year before that and maybe 6 people (myself included) clapped. I think that HE enjoys performing 1985 (I love it) as well as Let Me Roll It. I missed him doing Junior's Farm and Your Mother Should Know!(MarkZapp)

  2. Mike Yarwood is the other guy in the photo