Thursday, August 10, 2017

See you at the Fest!

I will be at the Fest for Beatle fans (aka Beatlefest) in Chicago (aka Rosemont), Illinois for all three days this weekend.    If you are going to be at the Fest, PLEASE say hello if you see me around.   I am always happy to talk to viewers of this blog.   Sometimes I forget that real people actually visit this blog, so it is actually pretty amazing anytime I meet someone that says they visit the blog and like it!

I am not going to the Fest this time as an author.   So I did not pay for a table to sell books.  I bought just a regular ticket and I will be around having a good time.   However, I am going to be on two panels and doing one presentation.     This is where I am will be:

2:30pm in the Paperback Writer Room-  Beatles Historians Panel on "Who was the 6th Beatle?"
Moderated by Susan Ryan with panelists Sara Schmidt (that's me!), Dr. Kit O'Toole, Allison Boron, Erika White & Tina Kukla

8:50pm in the A/Bbey Ballroom-   Presentation on "The Beatles in St. Louis."    I will give my audio/visual presentation based on my book, "Happiness is Seeing the Beatles:  Beatlemania in St. Louis."    As far as I am concerned, this is my last time to do this presentation.  So if you haven't ever seen it (or even if you have) PLEASE come and see it!   I am worried sick that no one will come see this presentation because I am do not have a table.    My biggest fear is giving this presentation to an empty room.      Also at the end of the presentation, I will ask a few easy trivia questions and the winners will get a set of Beatles in St. Louis  8 x 10 photos!   These photos were taken directly from the original negative of a press photographer that was up close.   So come to my presentation and hopefully you will win a photo!   I have been selling these for $8 each, so that is a $16 value!

3:30 in the Paperback Writer Room -  Panel discussion on "Beatles Fandom:  The Next Generation"
Moderated by Allison Boron with panelists Sara Schmidt (again--that's me!),  Erika White, Vivek Tiwary, & Tess Yarbrough.       This is a new panel discussion abot 2nd and 3rd generation Beatles fans.   It should be pretty interesting!

I also want to announce that I will have a few copies of my book "Happiness is Seeing the Beatles:  Beatlemania in St. Louis" with me in my bag.   I have marked the price down from $25 to $20.    Since you will be getting it directly from me,   you won't have to pay for taxes or shipping (I will cover the taxes out of my pocket).    So you can't beat this deal.    I only have 90 books left and when they are sold, they are gone forever.      Don't miss out!     You might think my book is just for people from St. Louis, but I have heard over and over again from people from around the world that they enjoyed it.     I also will have what is left of my stock of Beatles photos (ones you haven't seen before--I promise!) for $3 each.    

No pressure to buy anything from me---if nothing else---please just stop me and say hi.  


  1. Imagine the presentation is being televised or for radio broadcast ('Saturday Club')and play to the airwaves. To make that fancy more real, maybe record some of it on mp3 recording if you have that facility? and then attach that track as an mp3 here on next week's blog? - - that way you really are broadcasting to the airwaves!

  2. have a great time; alas VT is a bit far to travel