Sunday, August 27, 2017

Brian and the boys

Originally I was going to post some photos of Brian with the Beatles as a group, but instead I decided to post a photo of him with each of the individual members of the Beatles.    Each guy had his own unique relationship with Brian.   They saw him as so much more than just their manager.   He was the best man at John, Ringo and George's weddings.    He was Julian's godfather.   He was someone John, Paul, George and Ringo trusted and admired.    Brian was far from perfect.   He made some terrible choices in his personal life and I am sure it was very difficult to be a homosexual in the UK during a time when it was illegal.   Looking back now, we know that some of Brian's business deals weren't very wise-- but he was paving the way and made the mistakes because he was the first.   But he was some sort of glue of the Beatles.    Brian was such a beautiful man.     We still miss you Eppy.

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  1. Thank you for your post, Sara, it's beautiful. I agree with you. What an amazing man! And how much he must have suffered being gay in Liverpool at that time... I was thinking about this today and I just read it here. We fans owe him A LOT. We wouldn't have The Beatles if it wasn't for his faith in the boy's talent and determination. And you're so right, he made mistakes, but then he was the first.