Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fans wish Paul a happy birthday

Some of my favorite photographs taken of Paul on his birthday in 1967 are these photographs of fans around his Mini as he and Michael leave Cavendish.    

Brother Michael is taping the cameras taking photos


  1. happy 75th birthday Paul and we love you

  2. OK, I'm in the need to nit-pick. LOL

    Of course Mike is filming with an 8-mm camera, not taping, and that is Paul's Aston Martin DB6 Superleggera, not the Mini.

    End of nit-pick.

    1. I am an 80's kid. I generically use the term "video tape" fir anything that records moving photos. But I do know the difference. 🙂 I know nothing of cars. That one I should have looked up. That's for the correction.

  3. The girl in the top photo, who's almost inside the car with Paul, is my friend Anne, a British Paul fan, one of the regulars outside Cav Ave. I haven't heard from her since the 60's. In my diary it says I went to Cav, there were dozens of girls but I didn't see Paul.