Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Beatles fan club members wanted

Hello Beatle friends!

As you know, I wrote my first book, Happiness is Seeing the Beatles:  Beatlemania in St. Louis  last year and it was an amazing experience.    I had so much fun writing the book.

I decided to start in on a new book project that will take many years to complete.   It is a subject that is near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons--the Beatles fan clubs.  

My goal is to publish a two volume set of books covering the Beatles fan clubs in the UK and US.   It will be full color with beautiful photographs and stories while telling the story of the Beatles fan clubs.  

No one has ever really dug into the history of the Beatles fan clubs, and while I am sure it isn't a topic that is of interest to every fan, I think there is enough interest out there to warrant at least a limited edition book.

For this book to actually happen, I need help!    I am looking to talk to anyone that was involved in the Beatles fan club and has stories that he/she would like to share.    That would include:

  • Fan club chapter presidents/presidents in the U.S.
  • Fan club area secretaries for a state in the U.S.
  • Fan club area secretaries in the U.K.
  • Those that worked for the fan club as a job between 1962-1972
  • Independent fan club presidents
  • Anyone that met the Beatles due to involvement in the fan club. 
  • Anyone that went to one of the Beatles fan club conventions in 1963 in England
  • Anyone that attended the Magical Mystery Screening party in December 1967
  • ????????

I also will need lots and lots of photographs of memorabilia.     Fan club membership cards, posters, newsletters, you name it!     

Won't you please please help me??   If you weren't involved in the original  fan club---please try to think if you know of someone that was and ask them for me.   

And before you ask---no I have not gotten in contact with Freda Kelly, but I am trying to.   If you know how I can best get in contact with her, please let me know.

Send those emails to    I have a list of questions for fans to fill out if they are interested, or they can just share their story on the phone or whatever is best of them.  

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