Thursday, April 6, 2017

Farewell to the New York City Hippie, David Peel

His name was David Peel
And we found that he was real --John Lenoon "New York City"

Today the Beatles community lost yet another member:  John Lennon's friend and protest song writer, David Peel.    David was one of those eccentric, hippie New York guys that loved to smoke pot and play music.    Everyone that knew him has some crazy, funny story to share about him.    He really was a John Lennon fan and was often seen a Beatlefests, not as a speaker, but as a fan with a guitar, singing along with everyone else.  
It is so sad to see so many of John's friends passing away.    I have no idea exactly how heaven works, but I sure hope they get to somehow hang out and jam together again. 


  1. he was ill for quite a while

  2. Peel was sort of an Idiot-Savant....not so much of the savant.

  3. I guess you had to know David well, to really know David. Obviously, you didn't.
    Jeff - Member of TLES