Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Paul and Geoff

Photo by Leslie Bryce for BBM

Last week, when I wrote my review on the Geoff Emrick book, I was struggling to find photographs of Geoff with the Beatles  (the book didn't have any photos in it).   As things always turn out on this blog, I find this photo of Geoff and Paul working on the Sgt. Pepper album a few days after I made the post.   Might as well share it now!


  1. This might be just post-"Sgt. Pepper". Like maybe "Baby You're A Rich Man". (MarkZapp)

  2. Hard to believe Geoff was 3 younger than the youngest Beatle, George, he has always looked like a little old man (no wonder the Beatles never regarded him as their "peer", mentally or age-wise). I recently finished his book HT&E, though I kept grimacing over his CONSTANT Paul fangirling, I enjoyed it technical details nonetheless.

  3. Never seen this one before. Nice!
    Based on Paul's clothes, this appears to be May 17, '67. According to Mark Lewisohn, they were working on "You Know My Name, Look Up The Number" that day.