Thursday, December 22, 2016

The hottest ticket in town

Traditionally the McCartney family spends the week of Christmas in New York City.  While they are in the Big Apple. they will catch a Broadway show.    Last night, Paul McCartney was seen at the hottest ticket on Broadway, the hit musical, Hamilton.    Word is that it is next to impossible to obtain tickets to this sold-out show, especially this time of year.    But I would guess that two people could snag tickets without any issues:  Paul McCartney and Santa Claus.

We have seen that when Paul has gone to a Broadway show in the past, he will pose for a photo or maybe two with members of the cast.    This time around, he went all out and let everyone get a photo with him!

It looks like someone in the audience snapped a photo of Paul in his Christmas red sweater during the curtain call. 


  1. Bottom pic is Beatrice with Dad.Nice to see the hair growing back in after the close razor cut,and quite thick like Papa's. Also note how she has been going thru the chubbette stage (or"bloater"as Paul refers to it!), just as Dad,Stella and James.

    1. I thought that was Bea, but I didn't want to label it just in case I was wrong since I haven't seen a photo of her recently (not since I think a hockey game???).

    2. Both Heathers (McCartney and Mills) have had cut their hair during the 'punk'phase in the 1980s. These days Mills has her hair really short. It doesn't surprise me that Beatrice was influenced to have her hair really short. What does upset me is that people think Beatrice looks more like a boy. To me, she is a 13 year old in an awkward phase in her life (as I went through) trying to figure things out that would make her happy.

  2. Dear Sara; lovely to see these really new snaps of (the ginger) Paul - ta.

  3. thought it was just some young lad next to paul and would like to see some pics of Bea now front side if possible