Thursday, December 1, 2016

Can anyone help this Italian fan?

Over on the "Meet the Beatles for Real" facebook page,  a fan named Patrice Moretti posted a photograph of him getting an autograph signed by John Lennon.    From what I can gather, he is looking for the guy in the purple shirt to give him a copy of the photo.  

Here is the message he posted on the page in Italian

Chi l'ha visto?Ciao a tutti, ho già postato questa foto su Beatlesiani d'Italia e provo anche qui, quindi faccio copia e incolla.Lo scopo di questo mio post é quello di regalare una foto con John a quel ragazzo; il ragazzo di cui non ricordo il nome era di BARI e con altri suoi 2 amici stavamo nella stessa mia pensione in Lancaster grove zona Swiss Cottage vicino a Saint John's Wood nel Agosto 1968. Se qualcuno lo riconosce, sarebbe bello fargliela avere. Grazie

And here is the facebook translation into English
 Who saw it?Hi everyone, I've already posted this photo on beatlesiani of Italy. And I'm even here, so do I copy and paste.The purpose of this my post is that of giving a photo with John to that boy; the guy I don't remember the name was of bari and with his other 2 friends were in the same way my pension in Lancaster Grove area near Swiss cottage Saint John's wood in August 1968. If anyone recognizes him, it would be nice to have it. Thank you

Here is the photograph he posted

Photo belongs to Patrice Moretti   Do not post elsewhere without his permission

I also found in my photo collection some photos that were taken the same day. 

Photo scanned from the collection of Sara Schmidt 

Photo scanned from the collection of Sara Schmidt 

If you know the guy in the purple shirt, please contact me so I can let Patrice get the information.   It is sort of a long shot, but many old friends that first met outside the gates of EMI have been reunited through this blog, so it could happen again!

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