Wednesday, September 7, 2016

That'll be the Day guitar

When Paul McCartney performed in Lubbock, Texas on October 2, 2014,  The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation were allowed backstage to present Paul with two replica "That'll be the day" Buddy Holly guitars.     He signed one of the guitars and it is on display.     The other guitar he kept for his collection, although he has yet to use it in concert.  

Interesting tidbit of from the top photo---Paul watched Family Fued with Steve Harvey when he is backstage?

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  1. I love knowing that Paul's signature is on display in Lubbock. I also love how your blog responds to events in history; Holly's birthday, Candlestick Park, etc. Your dedication is inspiring.
    I was wondering if you knew anything about the patchwork quilts that Paul keeps backstage and uses as a backdrop for important photographs. Sometimes I find them a little garish, but then I realize that it's a "thing" and like it a little more. Now I find them interesting (if not quite aesthetically appealing.)