Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How The Buddy Holly Story showing ended up being the Keith Moon story

On September 6, 1978 Paul and Linda attended a showing of the film "The Buddy Holly Story," something that Paul supported until he decided  to finance "The Real Buddy Holly Story" in 1984.  But in 1978, the couple attended the film as part of the annual "Buddy Holly Week" followed by a party at Peppermint Park.      Keith Moon was at the film and the party and even was sporting a Wings t-shirt to the events.      Sadly, this was the last time Keith was seen alive and the photographs from that night are the last ones taken of him as he was found dead in the apartment where he was staying the next morning.


  1. Keith Moon passed away in Harry Nilsson's London flat ...the same flat Cass Elliot died in several years earlier.

    Harry had always insisted the flat was "cursed," but Pete Townshend convinced him to rent it out to Keith anyways, because "lighting wouldn't strike the same place twice" as, legend has it, he said.

    Speaking of the Buddy Holly event the night before: there's also another photo taken at that party of Keith being greeted by none other than Kenney Jones ...who would soon after replace him in The Who.

    1. The Small Faces and The Who were very close friends. East Enders and West London. They accompanied each other on the I’ll fated Australian tour. Kenny stated about Keith’s passing, it was like losing a brother. Keith never got over Kim leaving him. I believe he was in deep depression. He and Annette left the party early, and Keith wanted bacon and eggs. She didn’t want to prepare his breakfast to which he replied “if you don’t like it, you can f__k off”. Those were his last words. Pete stated that Keith was a complicated character. That was an understatement. Forty four years later, we are yet trying to figure how he could have been saved. He sure made a lasting impression and he was loved by many.

  2. Is that Mary Hopkin in that first photo?

  3. The apartment is still there in Curzon Sq, London just around the corner from the Hard Rock cafe.

  4. Moon accepted Paul's invitation to join Rockestra that night. He was replaced by Kenney Jones.

  5. Yes it's Mary Hopkin.