Tuesday, September 13, 2016

See the Beatles in 1977

Wow 1977 was sure a great time to be a Beatles fan!   One fan met Paul, John and Ringo all within the same year!  Here is his story from the August/September 1977 issue of "The Write Thing."  Written by Mitchell Borofsky.

Photos by Vinnie Zuffante

Seeing John was not that exciting.  We knew he would be at the Minskkoff theatre so we went there and followed them into the press section backstage.  There everyone was shooting pictures of him, Carly Simon and James Taylor.  A girl that I was with went up to him and said, "Hi, I'm nobody, but I'd like to say hello."  John said, "That's okay, we're nobody either."   I went up to him and said, "Hi, I'm Jimmy Carter" and he repeated me!  It's funny because the next night he was at the President's inauguration.

I saw Paul again when he came into the city to see "Annie."  I saw him at the hotel.  I just asked him and Linda if they remembered us.  They said yes.

The next day was a complete shock.  I saw him walking with Ringo into the Plaza Hotel.   They had been walking down 5th Avenue together.  We went up to Paul and Larry asked him to sign Linda's Pictures.  They both did and asked us not to follow them.  Ringo went straight up to his room.  Larry met Ringo the next day and gave him a shirt to which Ringo replied, "Thanks, I'll take anything!"

Photo by Vinnie Zuffante
I saw Ringo a couple of days later going into the hotel with John and Yoko.  I went up to show him the picture my friend took of him and Nancy with Paul and Linda.  He looked over my shoulder and said, "ahhh...that's a trip!"

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  1. Any year was a great year to be a Beatles fan. Well, maybe not 1980 & 2001.(MarkZapp)