Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All in the family

One thing that I love about the Beatles that I never really thought would happen, is how all of the kids and family members are super supportive of one another.    Zak Starkey's new band, SSHH, had a gathering last night in London for the release of their album and for the Teenage Cancer Trust and look who came out to support him.   No surprises that little sis Lee Starkey was there and step-sister  Francesca Gregorin.   Dad Ringo and step-mom Barbara ended their beach vacation for the event.   Mary and James McCartney also came out for "cousin" Zaks party.       It warms my heart to see the Starkey's and the McCartney's supporting one another at events like this.     They seem to  be a lot closer than some families that I know.

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  1. read that Lee has a brain tumor again & is being tested whether benign or not - best wishes Lee!