Sunday, August 21, 2016

St. Louis concert memories

Photo by Tom Morton 

Photo from the St. Louis Globe Democrat Archives

Photo from the Post Dispatch 

Photo from the Post Dispatch

I remember they brought the Beatles out in the middle of the show instead of at the end because of the threat of rain.  After the Beatles played, my friends and I went outside the stadium on the first level.  We could see a huge crowd of people on the street level and we could see the limos parked by the lower entrance.   We were about 250-300 feet away, leaning on the railing, when all of a sudden Ringo, George and John came out of the doors directly below us and got into this beat up Chevy.  The whole thing was a decoy to keep the people away.  But it was only seconds before the crowd caught on and surrounded their car as they made their way down the street. – Bill

I attended the aug.21,1966 concert and remembered seeing five limos drive into the stadium as the Beatles were finishing their show, I then walked around the stadium to the other side where I witnessed the Beatles run out a door by the ticket stand a jump into a waiting Lincoln continental. I jumped out in front of them trying to get a picture. The car almost hit me, swerved around me, and as it did, I plainly saw Paul McCartney riding in the front passenger seat and he waived at me. – Kevin

My dad took me and my siblings, along with a friend, to this show. We were among the unlucky few sitting in the upper deck. There were so few people at the show up there, that we were able to move to center section seats. Although I was 11 at the time, we knew all of their material and I was taken by how many older hits they played, give what they were doing in the studio then. I don’t remember it raining all that hard. The sound was horrible, though. -  Jerry
I saw the Beatles at Busch Stadium. I was sixteen when my mom, a cousin and three friends made the trip from Madisonville, Kentucky.  We had a sign in the back of the car that read: “BEATLES OR BUST” as we drove, and people in passing cars would honk and wave.
It was on that trip that we first heard Ringo sing ‘YELLOW SUBMARINE’. from a St. Louis radio station.
Ringo was my favorite.  There was a misting rain and we couldn’t hear them very well, but we were glad to be there to see a live  concert…we knew they were making music history! Now 50 years later I still listen to Beatle music… - Lynda

 I was there with my best friend Joan. I was 15. I can remember all the screaming and feeling so incredibly happy just to be in their presence and part of the screaming crowd. After the concert, my friend and I actually got down onto the field and I grabbed a handful of grass, which I later kept in a piece of plastic in my Beatles scrapbook. My friend and I were certain this handful of grass had been walked on by our Beatles!! Still to this very day I am a huge Beatles fan. – Suzi

 I was there. They may have taken the stage 'earlier than expected' but we did have to wait a long time, and sit through a long line of opening acts before hearing them. All things considered, I don't think anyone was disappointed.  –Ovid

 "I remember we had to go past the protesters who were picketing the stadium, and the weather was warm and drizzly. “I did (hear the music), if I plugged my ears with my fingers to drown out the screaming. I’m sure if anyone took my photo they would have gotten the wrong impression. The Beatles were one of the first stadium concerts, and Busch Stadium wasn’t really set up to have lots of loudspeakers, but I could hear the music."  - Karen

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  1. I was there with along with a plane load of Beatles fans from Denver. What an experience for a 14 year old fan. Although we were wet and couldn't hear the music for the screaming girls it was an once in a life time experience. I thought the highlight was Paul bringing up the fact that there was a plane load of kids from Denver. What a night