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John Lennon says he's hated, but 1000's flock to Beatles concert

photo by Tom Morton 
*Sara's note:  Many mistakes in this news article

John Lennon says he's hated, but thousands flock to Beatles concert

UPI (St. Louis)
August 22, 1966

Beatles leader, John Lennon said, "People are going to hate someone and my name is currently on the top of this list."   But thousands of teenagers still shook-off driving rain to watch the moptops first appearance in St. Louis Sunday night.

Lennon made his remark at the press conference before the program which drew a crowd estimated at between 25,000 and 30,000 at Busch Memorial Stadium.

He was referring to the recent furor caused by his "more popular than Jesus" statement quoted in a British teenage magazine.

Another Beatle, George Harrison, said "we feel sorry for people who quit playing Beatles songs as a result of the 'Jesus controversy.'"

The Liverpool singers arrived in St. Louis by jet from Cincinnati; were driven down to the downtown stadium in two limousines and hurried back to the airport for an overnight flight to New York after a thirty minute performance.  Police reported no incidents.

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