Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Still dig them

Luving Fans Return by 1000’s to adore Beatles

“ I finally got to see them!” beamed a teenage girl.
Another cornered a sponsoring disc jockey and pleased, “Please bring them back next year, oh please!”

Two girls put their arms around each other and sobbed until a policeman said kindly, ‘Why don’t you go on home, girls.”  A boy with them just shook his head and moaned.

This was the end of the Beatles’ concert; no one had time to talk.  The thousands of fans were too busy screaming, wiping tears and hair out of their eyes so they could see the stage and waving their “We luv you” placards.

They were well-behaved.  One girl tried to break away from police to run onto the infield, but submitted to being led back to her seat.

Several fans tried to scale the dugout roof but decided the police would never let them past, so they gave up.  They offered to pay policemen and news photographers to touch the hands which might have brushed against one of the hallowed four.

Most important of all, they came back from Saturday night’s rainy cancellation.  One girl said she made her parents postpone their vacation one day so she could come to the concert.

“Let me touch you or I’ll die!  I love you, John,” cried one girl, giving her heart, soul and straight long hair to the Beatles.

Another screamed, “I wish my hair looked like his!”  as Ringo bobbed his head to keep time with his drumming. During the show, one policeman seemed extremely content in the midst of all the wailing as he stood guarding the fence between the audience and the Beatles on the second base stage.  The reason:  his ears were plugged with cotton!

They still dig the Beatles
UPI (Cincinnati)

The Beatles got in their rain-delayed performance at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field yesterday amid the almost continuous deafening screams form a crowd estimated at 12,000 to 15,000 which half-filled the stadium.

The English singing group was to have put on the outdoor show Saturday night but it had to be postponed because of rain.

There were only two minor incidents. 

Just as the group finished the last number one girl leaped the low fence along the first base line and it took two policemen to subdue her and get her back over the fence.  Then a boy jumped over the fence on the third base side and police finally wrestled him to the group and then dumped him back over the fence.

More than 100 policemen stood only a few feet from the fence facing the crowd to keep the screaming youngsters off the field. 

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