Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's Yeh Yeh Yeah for the Beatles Show

It’s Yeh, Yeh, Yeah for Beatles’ Show
By Susan Vonderbrink

Yeh, yeh, yeah…
And the Beatles finally made it to Crosley Field Sunday afternoon. 
The sun occasionally peered through a milky sky and by show time, high noon, a very blue, puffy-clouded sky smiled down on the Cyrkle, the Ronettes, the Remain, Bobbie Hebb and none other than the long-awaited Beatles.  

Most of the estimated crowd of 15,000, which withstood Saturday night’s disappointment, made it back yesterday.   Consisting primarily of teenage girls, both Saturday and Sunday’s fans were to be commended on their patience and all round orderliness.
What could have turned into a rather messy occasion was handled with utmost decorum.  About 150 of “Cincinnati’s finest” were on hand at both performances to make sure there were no disastrous consequences.  The stage, situated on second base, reminded me much of a carrousel with the peaked tarp covering the platform and the policemen circled around the circumference.

After all kinds of “that you’s” and “the Beatles are here” from WSAI Good Guys, the first act to come out was  the Remains.  For all of you rather more seasoned teenagers, the Remains have appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, probably the night you just happened not to be home.
They opened with “Hang on Sloopy” and their other numbers included “Don’t look Back,”  “Walkin’ the dog” and “I’m a Man.”

Singer Bobbie Hebb probably would have sounded much better had the Remains remained a little softer with their accompaniment.  During Bobbie’s act, many fans were part of a mass exodus – some undoubtedly had seen the Beatles emerge from their dressing room.

I must admit that Hebb did frighten me a bit.  A couple of times I thought he would propel right off the stage.  His big hit, “Sunny” brought out the first real signs of enthusiasm in the audience.
The Cyrkle, billed as a new sound in today’s music world, appeared bedecked in red and black striped blazers.  Singing “Why can’t you Give Me What I Want” and a medley of songs made famous by other groups, they were a favorite of the afternoon.

The Ronettes did not evoke quite as many squeals and screams from the mostly female audience, but they are a talented trio of young ladies who can produce a good sound.  Their big tuens were “Will you Love me Tomorrow,”  “Walkin in the Rain” and “What’d I Say?”

Although the fans seemingly enjoyed the acts prior to the Beatles, they did not come alive until their idols were brought before them.  You should have heard the noise!  Prior to their appearance, the fans were warned to stay in their seats – kinda like the roller coaster, but when they were announced, the entire audience rose en masse.  The screaming, with was absolutely deafening, continued through the performance. 

I don’t know what their magnetism is—perhaps it’s because they were THE first – it’s hard to say, but you have to admit that their sound is good, head and shoulders above anything heard previously that day.

And they really put on a show, certainly not lettering their loyal fans go away unsatisfied.  They were working under rather adverse circumstances, too; their arrival marred by an incident at Lunken airport, last night’s rain out with more than a few unhappy customers, to say nothing of their running rivalry with Jesus.

Saturday night’s antics were inexcusable on the part of the promoters, but thanks to a great bunch of kids and surprising number of adults, the backers came out smelling like the proverbial rose.
Never have so many badges “I Love George, John, Paul and Ringo” been seen on so few:  never have I seen so many binoculars!

Yeh…Yeh, Yeh…kids, you’re great!

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