Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Goodbye Henry

Sad to hear of the passing of Henry McCullough today.   He was an amazing guitar player and key member of early Wings.     I met him at the Fest for Beatle fans in 2012 and I thought I had him sign something for me, but I alas I must not have because I couldn't find anything with his name on it.  When I think of Henry, I think of him on the James Paul McCartney TV special playing "Big Barn Bed."  where we learn that he favorite color is green (naturally) and that he hates getting up early and filling out questionnaires.    He will be missed!  


  1. Henry was Wings' lead guitarist when I first got into The Beatles(and Wings) in 1972. Thank you for your music Henry and rest in peace.(MarkZapp)

  2. Henry also issued a solo album 'Mind Your Own Business' for George's Dark Horse lable in 1975 so double Beatles connection! RIP