Monday, March 21, 2016

an interesting view of an interesting day

John and Yoko were married on March 20, 1969 (oops...I am a day late again) and this photo is from that day.   Is that Derek Taylor in the front?   It sure looks like him, but I don't recall anyone from the Beatles camp but Peter Brown being there on their wedding day.


  1. there is not photos that prove that peter brown was in the wedding, the song says "peter brown called to say" so I assume he was in other place. Regards from luis in mexico city

  2. Peter Brown WAS there - there are photos of him as witness at the event - I think there's one in the Wedding Album.

  3. This pictute isn't from the wedding day (John didn't wear a shirt then and Derek Taylor wasn't with them); it's from 25th April in Montreux.

    1. Well matches up with Derek Taylor then---but Yoko wore her wedding dress again? It is a cute outfit, I don't blame her.