Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Paul's Cavern return

Paul with the owner of the Cavern Club's daughter, Debbie

There seems to be some doubt out there in Pepperland lately that Paul McCartney ever returned to the original Cavern Club.      On October 25, 1968 (which was a Friday) Paul and his then girlfriend, Linda went to Whirral to drop off a record player to Paul's step-sister, Ruth.    Around noon Paul called up the Cavern Club and asked if he could drop by.  

The Cavern as the Beatles knew it closed up in early 1966 because of financial difficulty.   However, it was quickly re-opened with a new entrance and a snack bar and ran by a man named Alf Goegenhen.

Alf asked Paul if he could take some photos whenever he came by and Paul agreed as long as the press didn't know about it.    So Alf Goegehen ran out and bought a camera!

Paul and Linda came by and Linda used the new camera to take a few photographs for Alf.    A band called the "Curiosity Shop" was rehearsing of a concert later at the Club.  Paul asked if he could sit in and play the drums for a bit because he "always wanted to be a drummer."    Photos were taken and fun was had for some unsuspecting Merseyside band.    

I hope THIS once again lays to rest the fact that Paul McCartney was at the Cavern Club in Liverpool in 1968!


  1. Fascinating. Only about 6 years since the Beatles were there last, what must have seemed half a lifetime past. 6 years in the '60s spans about 26 years nowadays.

  2. Hi Sara
    Could the date be a bit later than Oct 25th ?
    According to the Beatles Bible, Paul and Linda left for New York on Sun 20th Oct for 10 days. They returned on 30th Oct. having just finished the White Album the boys did have time to themselves during Oct and early Nov, before starting the Let It Be sessions. (I wonder if Paul was thinking about a one off Beatles gig at the Cavern)

    1. Jonathan--Great question and one that has baffled me as well. I have posted about this before on this blog and here is what one viewer said (and it makes sense)

      I believe that the Oct 25th date is correct. Paul, Linda, and Neil made a couple back and forth trips to NYC. Paul & Linda were there from the 20th to the 23rd. They came back & then they & Neil flew back to NYC on the 27th. On the 30th they flew to Jamaica and then came back to London on the 1st of November. They spent some after that in Scotland.

    2. Yes, that does make sense.
      Many thanks for clearing that up, Sara.

  3. very interesting for Paul visit- memories perhaps from when days were simple with the boys