Thursday, January 21, 2016

Remembering the wedding of George and Pattie

50 years ago today, on January 21, 1966  George Harrison married Pattie Boyd with Paul McCartney as the best man.

From what I can tell, fans weren't devastated when George and Pattie got married as they were with Ringo and Maureen the year previously or Paul and Linda in 1969.    I think the reason for this is that first of all, it wasn't a secret that George and Pattie were a couple that was in love.   George never tried to hide Pattie from the press and was honest about his intentions of getting married to her.

Plus the fans were familiar with their  relationship from the start.  From when George and Pattie met on the set of  A Hard Day's Night, to reading about the holidays that they took together, the fans were able to watch the relationship turn into marriage without a shock.  

The other big reason the fans weren't upset is that most girls really adored Pattie Boyd.   She was the ultimate "swinging London" girl.   She was beautiful and very fashionable.   Fans everywhere tried to dress like her and fix their hair like her.    Besides her beauty, fans also saw her as a very sweetheart of a girl and the perfect match for George.

Their wedding was celebrated by almost everyone around the world and today we remember the happy occasion.


  1. we all liked Pattie

  2. they look so genuinely happy - very sweet

  3. Paul looks so genuinely pissed (drunk)- Very funny

  4. Thanks for not including the gross pics of Paul cozying up to Mrs. Harrison! A nice, neat summation of the day, thanks Sara!

    I like Peter Brown's (or maybe it was Steven Gaines') description of Pattie: "a female so kittenish she made even the most milque-toast of men feel virile." HA!

    I know I'm still in love with her!!!