Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Mad Day out for autographs

Ebay isn't always the best source for buying authentic high-end Beatles collectibles.   Unless it is a reputable dealer, such as Tracks, I advice fans to avoid ebay and look at an auction house for high end Beatles items such as autographs and clothing.

However, this appears to be the "real deal" and  was excited to see it listed (although I could never afford it).  

You remember the photos taken on what is known as the Beatles "Mad Day Out" of the guys standing behind a gate and there is a group of people of all ages standing with them?   It is sort of a "find the Beatles" photo and I have always wondered who the people were.   How did they just happen to get into a photo with the Beatles?

Well we now know a bit more about this.   Those gate photos were taken at the St. Pancras Old Church and Garden.  The main caretaker of the church was a man named Mr. Barnard.  In the photograph is his wife, their daughter, Jennifer, and two of Jennifer's three sons.

Jennifer's mother was able to get George, Paul and Ringo's autograph and interestingly enough, something I never noticed was that the older woman, who we now know to be Mrs. Barnard is actually holding a piece of paper and a felt marker that was used for the autographs.   She is holding a Threetles autograph in the photos.


  1. Very interesting. Yoko probably got pushed out of the finished line up as her face was familiar. Is she hiding behind the big girl in the spots ?

    1. I found it interesting too that Yoko was gone from the photo they used in the record jackets. I'm inclined to think they edited her out of the photo rather than pushed her out. I would think John would've protested it they told her to get out of the shot. Remember they were JohnAndYoko at that time. She was always with him and the most important thing in his life.

  2. very interesting

  3. This is one of my favourite Beatles photos. To me it sums up their appeal and popularity across all ages. Who was the photographer. Is the b&w photo available as a poster anywhere?