Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Spending a day with Beatle family in England

I decided to re-post this story for a number of reasons.   The first one being that when I originally posted it on this blog in 2009, my copy of the story was badly creased and some of the words were missing and I had to put ??? in place of the real words.   I now have found a copy that is easier to read.   The second reason is that the photo of Patty with the Harrison family has been popping up on facebook this week and no one seems to know who is in the photos or when/where it was taken, so I hope by re-posting the photos and story, it will help clear things up.  Lastly----it was originally posted over 6 years ago---and it is such a sweet story that it is worth sharing once again!

Reader spends a Day with Beatle family in England
The Beat: April 8, 1967

(Editor’s note: If you’re lucky enough, it can be done. Beatle fan, Patty Juliono spent a fantastic day at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Harrison. A surprise twosome greeted Patty inside the house and the following is Patty’s story of the day she’ll never forget. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.)

I’ve been writing to Mrs. Harrison ever since I got her address a few years ago, and I have always gotten an answer from her. Last February I went to Paris with my father. Before I left, I wrote Mrs. Harrison a letter telling her that I was coming to Europe and if I ever came to England I would love to see her. When I got to Paris I was surprised to find a letter from her. She said she would love to see me and gave me directions on how to get to her house.

I called her the day we were going to Germany. She sounded so nice. I told her about coming to see her. I asked what would be the best day, Saturday or Sunday. She said either so I picked Sunday. I had to hang up then because we had to hurry to the airport. We had to move the meeting to Saturday because we had to leave on Sunday so we could go to Switzerland on Monday because I had to start school.

When I called she wasn’t home, so my father called later and asked her. She said it was just fine and that she was looking forward to meeting me. So on Friday, March 4, we landed in London, England. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe I was in England! All Friday we went sightseeing. I even had lunch at an English pub!

The next morning we got up at eight, had breakfast then took the bus to the London airport. We had to fly from London to Manchester and then take a train from Manchester to Warrington. When we got to Manchester, my dad decided to take a taxi to Warrington. When we got to Warrington, we had to stop at the train station so we could call Mrs. Harrison and ask how to get from her house from the station.

My dad called and when he got off the phone he had a smile on his face. I asked him why he was smiling – he didn’t say anything. What he was smiling about was that George had answered the phone and he was just thinking what would happen if I had called and George answered the phone. All the way to her house I kept saying wouldn’t it be neat if George was there.

Finally we turned down the road to Mrs. Harrison’s house. Mrs. Harrison was out in the front waiting. I got out of the taxi and gave Mrs. Harrison a box of candy I had brought her. We walked into the house. The door leading into the living room was made of glass. I looked through and saw someone sitting there. Then Mrs. Harrison opened the door and who should be sitting there but Patti --- she is so pretty in person.

Mrs. Harrison introduced us and we sat and talked. And then my dad came in and I introduced them.  Then Mr. Harrison came in and we all started talking. I asked Patti if she had gotten a lot of mean letters from girls after she had married George. She said that she got a few saying “I hate you so much.” After awhile my Dad looked up and smiled and then said, “Well, here’s our boy.” I turned around and there stood George with a big smile on his face! 

He came over and shook my hand then sat in the chair next to me. He offered everyone a cigarette –even me! I joked and started to take one. He laughed and said, “Aren’t you too young?” I never did get one.

My dad and George started to talk about Vietnam. Patti and I just sat and listened and threw in our two-cents once in awhile. Then George started talking about the police protection they get when they’re in America. He said the English police were better. He told me how he had seen policemen take kids and hit them with their clubs. He said English policemen don’t do that. 

Then Mrs. Harrison called us in for a small lunch. We had tea sausages, cheese and bread. I sat between Mrs. Harrison and Patti and George sat across from me. Mrs. Harrison showed me a scrapbook of fans from all over the world. I found a lot of pictures of kids from the United States. I even found a picture of me!

After we ate, I cleared off the table and helped Mrs. Harrison with the dishes. Then my dad suggested we take pictures before the sun went down. We took six pictures outside. After we took the pictures, George’s two brothers, Peter and Henry came with their wives and George’s little niece and nephew, Janet and Paul. We got one picture of Janet. She was very shy. We started talking about cars because George just got a new car which was out front. I think it was a GTO. George started talking about the Munster’s car.

Around five o'clock my dad said it was time to go.  I didn't want to, but we had to catch a train at 5:30.  Mr. Harrison decided to drive us to the train station. I really hated to say good-bye. George and Patti stood in the doorway holding hands. George’s brothers all shook my hand and said they enjoyed meeting me. I told Mrs. Harrison I really had a wonderful time. She was glad.

I got in the car and we drove out the driveway. I turned around and saw Mrs. Harrison standing there waving good-bye. I’ll never forget that day. I really couldn’t believe I had met one of the Beatles!

I did learn one thing about George – he is supposed to be a real good cook. His father told me. Well I still write to Mrs. Harrison and she writes to me. Maybe someday I’ll meet her again. 


  1. this was great reading - the Harrison mum & dad were very special people

  2. What a lovely story! I don't think I read it the first time you posted it. I also used to write to Mrs. Harrison. The truth is, during those years I was in London (early 67 to late 69) I used to see her son much more than she did! I sent her photos.

  3. Mrs. Harrison was always the sweetest lady - miss her

  4. what a really lovely family the Harrisons seemed to be