Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ringo's big garage sale

So I am sure that by now most of you know that Ringo Starr is holding a HUGE garage sale this week through Julien's Auction House.     Ringo and Barb have moved into the house in Los Angeles and sold their house in Monocco.   And like most folks who are downsizing as they get older, the Starkey's are having a big sale.     They are selling some things that you expect to see at a garage sale like mugs, pottery, knick knacks,  tables and chairs, paintings, throw pillows, cuff links, picture frames and other odds and ends from around the house.    But what most people are interested in are the items that are NOT typical of a yard sale such as drums used with the Beatles, clothing Ringo Starr wore, gold records, Beatles memorabilia and Ringo Starr's rings!

Photo by Scott Ritchie

Some of the items listed that really stood out to me were:
  • the badges Ringo got from Bultins when he was with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
  • A suitcase filled with news clippings about Ringo that his mum collected over the years
  • the id bracelet he wore in 1964
  • The huge joke drumkit from the Hello Goodbye promo
Photo by Scott Ritchie
Photo by Scott Ritchie
  •  The guitar that John played during the Christmas concerts of 1964 then gave to Ringo
  • a tambourine that Harry gave to Ringo with a message on it.
  • the clothing Ringo wore in the late 1960's 
  • The "Sgt. Pepper" panel from Julian's gypsy caravan
  •  Shirts Ringo wore during his interviews for the Anthology
  • The item that I am currently bidding on and have my fingers crossed that I will win, but I am not telling what it is unless I actually win. 

I have heard some grumbling out there in Pepperland about how it is a shame that Ringo is selling all this stuff and that he should have offered it to his kids.    Somehow I would bet that Ringo DID offer it up to his kids.   Much of this stuff seems to be items that Ringo was given, such as modern Beatles t-shirts and collectables.    Really does his kids want a gold CD for Beatles 1 from Hong Kong?    Ringo obviously has ALL of this stuff and why should he hang onto it?    He can sell it now for the charity and it will get into the hands (hopefully) of people that will appreciate it.      I think this is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for us fans to actually own something that belonged to a Beatle!    Even if you just win a little knick knack---just think that was in Ringo's house!  I think it is pretty cool.

The auction will be held December 3, 4, 5

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  1. how wonderful that Ringo is donating the monies to charity so that others can benefit in these difficult times