Monday, November 9, 2015

A letter from Mimi

Here is a letter Aunt Mimi wrote to a fan after John's death.    I think we often forget how difficult John's death was on Mimi and how far away she must have felt afterwards.    Thank goodness Yoko allowed her to keep her house!


  1. So sad....though I'm just waiting for the comments to begin about how Yoko was glad about the whole affair....guess she was just giving Mimi a line of b.s.....

  2. how truly terrible it must have been for Mimi

  3. I have a hard time reading this - would somebody be so kind to type it down here? Thanks!

  4. Dear John
    I do remember you. Thank you for your kind letter.
    I have spoken to Yoko again this evening. She says she can`t open any letters as she is too upset just now. So perhaps you had better leave it, write later.
    The shock of the shooting is just too much. I`m doing my best to try and accept the awful truth.
    Kind regards to mother.
    Thank you again for writing