Thursday, October 15, 2015

You could meet Ringo

This week I got an email that said "Meet Ringo."    So I obviously clicked on it and I learned that there are two opportunities to meet Ringo Starr coming up soon.   The first one is Tuesday October 20, 2015 in Toronto and the other one is Monday October 26, 2015 in New York City.    Since I live nowhere near those areas, I knew there was no way I could go, but I being curious I clicked for more information. 

Ringo at the VIP meeting in Los Angeles

Ringo will be at these locations to promote his new book, Photograph.   Ringo really seems to be enjoying himself as he promotes this great book.    He truly seems to like to talk about the photos he took of his band mates over the years.    He really seems more excited about this book than about any album he has released in recent time.    It is refreshing.     

What isn't refreshing is the cost to meet Ringo at one of these events.   $3,150 is the cost to attend.   A large amount of that cost is donated to the Lotus Foundation.    That is more money than I make in one month as a teacher.    Even if Ringo was doing an event in my backyard, I could not afford that type of cost in my wildest dreams.    However, if I could afford it, I would do it!   

Here is what $3,150 gets you:
  • Your choice of one of Ringo's photo prints autographed by Ringo
  • An opportunity to meet Ringo and get a professional photograph taken with you and him
  • A copy of his book that comes in a totebag

So if you live in Toronto or New York and have money---please go see Ringo and report back to us all about it!   Here is a link to get more information.

Ringo met with VIP fans a few weeks ago before he was interviewed in Los Angeles.    The fans that got to meet him, sure look happy!



  1. The "fan" with Ringo in the first photo is actually legendary rock photographer Henry Diltz, who took the photos that grace the covers of the Doors' "Morrison Hotel" LP and Crosby, Still and Nash's self-titled debut LP.

    1. That is very cool! I wonder if he had to pay the $3150 to meet Ringo.

    2. Ha! Doubtful. Henry is actually a close, longtime friend of Ringo's. In June 2013, I got to talk with him for a few minutes at the VIP party for the opening of the "Ringo: Peace and Love" exhibit at the Grammy Museum in L.A. Yeah, that $3,150 price tag on the Ringo meeting is outrageous! Sure you get a book and a signed print, too, but the average fan doesn't have that kind of money to spend on luxury items. They're lucky to be able to pay their mortgages and buy groceries!

    3. I thought I had read that they were friends. Just didn't know what he looked like. The Morrison Hotel cover is an amazing one---always been one of my favorites and it is a good album as well. If I had an extra $3,000 laying around, I would go for it. But somehow $1000 seems to be a bit more reasonable for a photo with Ringo, the book and autograph. But every extra penny I get goes towards my book.

  2. I agree with you Sara, $1000 would be a more reasonable price and would make it possible for more fans to attend. I so want that book, but - like you - every extra penny goes towards my book...

  3. $3150 is ridiculous even for a fan

  4. Bernie Sanders was just talking about this!!! "It is an absolute disgrace....that in this day and age....only the top 1% can go meet Ringo!" I swear that's what he said! :P

  5. Yeah, not for me.