Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ordinary Passengers

What strikes me about these two photos of John, George and their wives taken in London on Feb 18, 1968 as they leave for India is not the Beatles or the beautiful women with them, but the seemingly "normal" looking people in the background, just looking in amazement at them.   


  1. 15 February 1968 The Beatles' long-planned trip to India finally got underway on this day, with John Lennon and George Harrison, plus their wives Cynthia and Pattie, flying from London Airport to Delhi, India.

  2. It makes me a bit sad and mad seeing photos of them around the time of their trip to India. As we all know that John was already planning to leave Cynthia at some point and already was boinking Yoko. He's always stuck to the 'story' of how he met Yoko and yet that's really not the truth. Sometimes he either forgot the truth on purpose or just starting to believe the story in his own mind.