Thursday, October 8, 2015

Beatles birthday

As many of you apparently know, today is my birthday.      I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes through email and facebook today.   I had a terrible day at work today and all of the messages I got when I came home really brightened things up.     I always found it to be really special for me to be born the day before John Lennon's birthday and almost one year before Sean Lennon's 1st birthday.  

My mom had a very special Beatles quilt made for me for my birthday.   She took my Beatles t-shirts that I no longer wear (but just can't get rid of) and had them turned into a quilt!   Wasn't that an ingenious idea?    She also had a Sgt. Pepper drum cake and Beatles cupcakes made for me!      I have never had a Beatles' cake before, so I think it is really, really neat.

 Here are some photos of Beatles cakes from the past.....

And here is my Beatle cake!   Awesome!


  1. How amazing that your birthday is so close to John's. It's a 9 too 'cuz Oct. 8= 1+0+8=9. Hope the rest of your day was FAB, Sara!

  2. A belated birthday wishes, Sara !!
    That Sgt Pepper drum cake is awesome !!

  3. Happy Birthday - enjoy yourself!

  4. Happy (belated) Birthday, You Wonderful Libra!!!! My gosh, what a great thing you were born!!!!! It's made all the difference to us, that's for sure! Thank you, Mrs. Schmidt, for what you brought into the world!

    Viva Sara!

  5. Happy Birthday Sara - my you find a smile today and everyday as you begin your new year

  6. Happy birthday Sara, All the best!