Monday, August 31, 2015

Two show at the Cow Palace


  1. OMG! Finally! Although I knew the "venue with the fence behind the stage" was the Cow Palace in 65 shots with the Shea suits, I didn't realize how many shows on this tour were double (aft and eve) shows until this series of posts of yours... and I have NEVER been able to place or date my shots of the suits they wore for the other show before, (which didn't show the fence as clearly as these to clue me in). As far as I can tell, this may be the only show they wore those narrow double breasted suits at, at least, that photos have surfaced of.

  2. The picture of John was one of the ones I took. My friend and I were 13. We were in the fourth row. She made me promise not to scream and she ended up screaming like crazy for Ringo. Many years later I learned that I was not the intended recipient of the tickets. The person who told me was the one who was supposed to get the tickets. When I told him it was the highlight of my life he said, Then the right person got the tickets.