Monday, August 31, 2015

Fan memories of the two shows at the Cow Palace in '65

One of these shows was attended by the now infamous Merry Pranksters.   The guys that hooked them up with LSD was able to purchase a block of 30 tickets for them and so they got into their bus and on the trip to the Cow Palace dropped some acid while listening to the Beatles "Help!" record.   By the time they got to the concert, they were obviously not in the right state of mind and the behavior of the Beatles' fans got to be too much and so they actually left the concert early.    You can read about it in the book "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test."

Here are some other fan memories as collected from various places online

I was 12 rows behind the stage at this concert...before they came out they were 6 feet from me looking over the entrance – Ann Marie

My friends and I were standing close to the stage but moved because we thought we were going to get crushed. It was crazy! I was also 13. – Anonymous

Wow! I was at that concert, and I remember the guy stealing John's hat - I was shocked, too, and thought it was a crap way to treat someone who had given us so much joy. – Marty

I was there at this show in San Francisco. I had just turned 13 a couple of months before. I remember when this teenage kid climbed up the cyclone fence behind the stage. He climbed all the way to the top of this fence that had to be 20-30 feet high. He rolled over the top and came sliding down, instantly jumped across the stage, ripped the hat right off of John's head, then did a dive into the front rows. It was shocking. – MG

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