Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The girl in the polka-dotted dress

Whenever I look at photos from the Beatles' show in Houston, Texas, I always notice one particular fan.    She is in the front row and has on a polka-dotta top and a stripped skirt with a Beatles doll attached to the belt.   She ends up getting carried away by the police.   I would LOVE to talk to her and learn more about her story.    I know we all have our "favorite" fans from the photos, and polka dotted dress girl from Houston is my favorite from the 1965 tour.

Check her out!


  1. Wow, unbelievable pics, I've grown to love the pics of the fans and the crowds more than the Fabs themselves!!!

    What's great about the way you post these tours: you can put certain iconic pictures in context! Like the one of the cop who looks like he's got a migraine!!!! (all the other pics, I've never seen, amazing. Amazing!!!)

  2. (oops, I meant to comment on the other Sam Houston fans post...but this one is amazing too! I love this girl!!!)