Sunday, August 2, 2015

Remembering Cilla

I am sure that I am sharing in the mourning of the beloved Liverpudlian singer, Cilla Black with the rest of you.     As a Beatle fan the deaths of those who were within the Beatle circle are getting more and more frequent and it never seems to get easier.     I never knew of Cilla until I read Brian Epstein's autobiography, A Cellerfull of Noise in the 1990s.    After reading that book, I was certain that if Brian Epstein had not been homosexual, he would have pursued a romantic relationship with Cilla.   He truly loved her and wanted her to be successful.    When I heard of her death when I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought was that now she could be with Brian again.  They just seemed to me to be such good friends.    

I don't know why Cilla never made it big in the United States.   She had such a large singing voice and it would have sounded amazing on the Broadway stage.  However, she was well known in the UK, and maybe for her that is how it needed to be.    She was a loving wife and mother and a beautiful woman that will be missed by us all.   

Paul and Ringo sent their condolences:

From Ringo:
I just heard the news Cilla black has left us she was a good friend we will all miss her peace to Cilla peace and love to the family R&B xxx

From Paul:

"Such a shock to hear about Cilla’s passing.  She was a lovely girl who infected everyone with her great spirit. From first meeting her as a cloakroom girl at the Cavern in Liverpool, to seeing her many times since, she always had a fun loving dignity that made her a great pleasure to be around. She had a fine distinctive voice and was always a bit of a laugh. It was a privilege to know and love her."
A photo from Ringo's collection of he and Cilla in the early days

Cilla:  The only female in a cast of men

Cilla with Brian Epstein celebrating her 21st birthday

Cilla working at the Cavern Club

Cilla along with Brian and Ringo on a game show

With Paul and John during the "Music of Lennon and McCartney" special


  1. And Bobby too!Surprised (ha)you didnt pick a Paul and Cilla shot from feb 68,he on guitar,ruffle shirt

  2. Ta for remembering Cilla and for the lovely snaps, some of which I have not seen before. She had said several times recently with tears how she missed her late husband Bobby and now she can be at peace. I agree with you that she would have been marvelous on Broadway here in the States but she will be remembered forever for her fantastic voice and historic association with the lads.

  3. Cilla was one of a kind with terrific voice and a cheeky manner that made us love her. The first record I bought of hers was YOU'RE MY WORLD and it remains my favorite song. RIP Cilla.

  4. I remember at one of her appearances she made a joke about her nose job which made me chuckle and gave credit to Paul for writing step inside love for her which she then sang beautifully. God bless you Cilla.

  5. So sad, what a beautiful spirit she had.

    I always have been touched by John's sweet intro that he cut for American DJs, to go with "It's For You" (another great song written for her by Paul) (I think she got most of the best "cast-offs"!)....."a lovely singer, a lovely girl...." so sad....

    Here's John's introduction, with the great Bacharach-esque "It's For You":

    There's also about a half hour of her and Paul (and George Martin) working out "Step Inside Love" that is fascinating, and what an amazing singer.

    Here's a bit of that rehearsal, a real moment in time:

  6. could not get John's intro on youtube and forgot how powerful & wonderful Cilla sang It's for You until now

  7. beautiful pic of cilla , john and paul

  8. Cilla and Dusty will remain the best female vocalists forever; wonderful to be able to enjoy them on youtube...64fan