Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fans at the Hollywood Bowl

I am not sure if it is because this was the 2nd time the Beatles' played the Hollywood Bowl, but there isn't a lot of fan memories out there of this show.

I was at The 1965 Hollywood Bowl Beatle Concert, I was 12 years old, my family and I were visiting my English Grandparents, and vacationing in LA from Chicago like we did every summer.  My Grandfather found out that The Beatles were going to be in town when we were there, so he got tickets. I was beside myself! I was so excited we were in the back, near the speakers so we could hear the music, much to my Dads dismay, not to mention the screaming! I was screaming too! My eyes were glued to John most of the night. I have seen hundreds of shows since and The Beatles will always stand out above them all, they had no fancy lights or effects, it was just them with their vox amps, guitars, drums and John’s Hamond organ, but that’s all they needed-  Anna

I was laying there in the sun and I saw them, about 75 yards away....but I didn’t realize it was really them until they ran up these stairs and I saw them get into this big black limo...and when I went up to the road to take a good look....they drove right by me, on the coast highway near sunset blvd. and it was John’s head I could see through the window...with sunglasses the back and I went...”holy shit! That's the BEATLES!!!!!!!!!!” – Chuck

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