Thursday, July 30, 2015

Paul in Chicago 1976

This is a cute story!  This is the type of encounter with Paul and Linda that just makes me smile because it was just a small thing, but obvious made one fan extremely happy.  

Paul arriving in Chicago in 1976

Paul in Chicago 1976
By Steph Meek
McCartney Ltd
July-August 1976

The May 31st concert in Chicago stated about 8:15.  As everyone knows or has heard all three Chicago concerts were fantastic!   Thanks so much to George Tebbons for getting me tickets.  Well, the real experience happened after the concert.  George had told me to go to the Whitehall Hotel and I might get to see the other Wings members.  Well, as soon as I got out of my car a limousine pulled up and who gets out of it?  Paul McCartney and Linda.  A bunch of fans hurriedly rushed toward Paul, but the guards and hotel managers kept everyone away.   God only knows how I quietly slipped through the double doors.  Paul and Linda were standing by the elevator.  I walked up slowly, I couldn’t say anything.  We just stood there looking at each other for about one minute.  Then Paul smiled and said, “hi.” I answered, “hi, I just want you to know that I just love you.”  They both answered “thank you” and smiled.  And then Paul reached out for my hand.  That moment was unexplainable.  He and Linda then went into the elevator, smiled, and up it went to the last floor suite where a party was going on.  A bunch of people and I waited outside until 2:00.  Paul, Linda and two guards then ran out onto the open doors of a waiting limousine.  Cameras flashed; people were giving Paul and Linda flowers, pictures they had drawn or painted, wine, and other things.  It was an experience of a life time.


  1. faul megalomaniac...
    rip paul 1942 -1966...

  2. original paul is dead end 1966 ... but midia control very well this manipulation, brainwash and hundreds people work internet etc...for coverup genuine paul mccartney dead...
    but if you like faul billy, be happy...