Sunday, May 24, 2015

Please no more Besame Mucho!

This letter from an anonymous Beatles fan to Bob Wooler is currently on ebay sold by Tracks.   It has to be one of the funniest things I have read in awhile.    I love the fact that this fan (and others who didn't write) don't want to hear Besame Mucho anymore!   That song is one that I don't always listen to because it is just so cheesy....cha cha boom?!?!    I assume "Dreamer" is "Beautiful Dreamer," or "Like Dreamers Do" unless someone else knows of a song the Beatles did in 1962 with "Dreamer" in the title.    And the part about Pete Best having big feet?   You can't make this stuff up! 


  1. love besame mucho as it always made me chuckle

  2. 'Dream' is 'Dream Baby' originally by Roy Orbison.

    1. They also did another song called "Dream", I can't remember who did it, it's listed in both the Complete Beatles Chronicle, as well as Tune In (both by Mark Lewhisohn), it was by Bobby Vee or somebody. (go in the back of "Complete Beatles Chronicle" to the list of songs they performed live, it will tell you who did it). I doubt the fan would call 'Dream Baby", "Dream".

      On top of that, this song "Dream" is "cheesy', ala "Besame Mucho" (a song she's already complaining about). Somehow, I doubt a fan would complain about "Dream Baby", and seeing that it was a current hit for Roy Orbison, I don't think she would leave out the word "baby".

      But wow, what a fantastic, hilarious letter!!

  3. It was "Dream" by Cliff Richard. George sang it. And that makes TOTAL sense why they don't want to hear it! It was a current/recent hit of Cliff Richard's. Here it is, judge for yourself, of course, who can tell what the Beatle arrangement was - they often bear no resemblance to the original versions (take for instance, "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You").

    Ironically, it was recorded at Abbey Road!

    The first chord change after he starts singing, I'm sure that was part of the attraction!