Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

I spent the day with family today in honor of Memorial Day and am taking a day off from the blog.  

I would like to dedicate this blog entry to the memory of  Dennis Longo who died in the Vietnam War in June of 1968.   Dennis loved the music of the time, but he was especially a big Beatles fan.    He wrote home to his friend, Denny and would say how he missed Lennon & McCartney music or about how he had read that the Beatles had been in India.   It is sad when you think that this fan never got the chance to hear Abbey Road.       So on this Memorial Day I want to remember Dennis and let his family and friends know that here at MTBFR, we appreciate him and are so sorry for his death.  



  2. Wow, Sara, thanks for sharing that. I've always wondered about that, you go to Vietnam, and you miss out on all the new developments.

    It reminds me of that fantastic photo you posted some time ago, of two soliders on leave, in Nice, France......and they're holding the Sgt. Pepper cover.

    I was just re-reading Michael Herr's "Dispatches" - written in Vietnam between 66 and 68. He talks about how when you'd be on leave, getting albums was the number one priority, to bring back with you. He talks about hearing "Magical Mystery Tour" for the first time in December 1967, and how he felt like the "Magical Mystery Tour" WAS the Vietnam War. He talks about how some soliders carried around photos of the Beatles.

    That's unbelievable that you actually have a letter that talks about it. I literally got chills reading your post. I weep for Dennis Longo. Never got to hear "The White Album", never got to hear "Hey Jude", never got to hear "Abbey Road". Never got to live the rest of his life. And for what.......... what a waste....

    1. Dennis' best friend, Denny, is one of my facebook friends and for Memorial Day he posted some photos and many letters written by his buddy. I have really been touched by them. In those letters Dennie can be seen as a really great guy. In some of them he talks about how he has made some friends there with some musicians. How one of them knows ALL of the Beatles songs and how they love to sing songs from Sgt. Pepper. It makes me smile to know that he found some joy with Beatles music and other fans in his last months. I never understood the Vietnam war, but I thank Dennis for serving his country and I have so much sorrow that he isn't here today to join us on this little blog. Somehow I think he would have enjoyed it.

    2. No one understood the Vietnam War, don't feel bad.

  3. That's a very touching story, Sara, thanks for sharing.

  4. I really appreciated this post and the comments. Very moving. RIP Dennis.