Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The the Winners are-----

The Beatles ring the bell to announce the winners of the Meet the Beatles for Real 6th anniversary contest!    If your raffle number is listed, please email me back with your original email with your mailing address.    There were 33 contestants this time!  Congrats to all winners!

Winner #1:   A set of Ringo for President buttons (only sold at Ringo concerts) and a yellow submarine pin:   015

Winner #2:  Original PYX 1964 Beatles magazine:   033

Winner #3:  All of my double photos from my photo collection:   023

Winner #4:  $10 Amazon gift card  018

Winner #5:  Recipe Records:  A Culinary Tribute to the Beatles book donated by Lanea Stagg at    07


  1. hi sara any tribute to cyn? she died today in mallorca spain.Regards from luis in mexico city.

  2. Awesome...but... when was the photo that accompanies this news taken? It's a 1965 shoot I'm not at all familiar with!

    1. It was taken April 6, 1965 on the set of Help. The Beatles won the Caroline award. I will post more photos from this day next week.

  3. Thanks for indulging my date obsession, Sara

  4. Cool! My number is in the list! Email sent. :)